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The Lycian Way section Delikkemer to Patara. 9km

You join the Lycian Way near the ridge of a valley, topped off by the Roman engineering marvel of Delikkemer, a reverse siphon system, part of the aqueduct that brought water to Patara, the metropolis of Lycia. The walk follows the aqueduct system as it contours around the hillside before it gets lost in the forest.

Picking up the forest road later, you start to get views of the fertile Xanthos valley and also the dunes and remains of Patara, before picking up the aqueduct again as you descend to the magnificent site of Patara itself.

On arrival at the site we recommend that you take the time to make a good visit of the remains before heading towards the beach, where there is beer available for sunset!


The Turquoise of Firnaz bay
The pipe of the Siphon Aqueduct
Lycian Way Mark on the Squeduct stones
The passage under the Q

The passage under the Q

The Aqueduct of Delikkemer.  You can trek along the top!

The Aqueduct of Delikkemer. You can trek along the top!

View form the Lycian way back to Kalkan
View from delikkemet to Akdag and Kinik plain
Hobney buzzard watching over the trekkers
The Harbour Baths of Patara

The Harbour Baths of Patara

One of the swimming spots near Patara
The true meaning of Turqoise
Rare orchid of Lycia

Rare orchid of Lycia

View of the Theatre and Parliament chamber of Patara

Fortress above Patara
Fortress and Dunes of Patara


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